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United States vs Ghana World Cup open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the 2014 FIFA World Cup match-up between the United States and Ghana.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We take a break from football to talk some futbol. It's the FIFA World Cup and the United States is set to take on Ghana in their first match in Brazil. The US has a tough road ahead of them. They are in what is being called "Group of Death".

It's actually called group G and it includes some very good teams in it. The other two teams in the group are Germany and Portugal. Germany beat Portugal in their opening round match-up.

Germany is the toughest team in the group and is a bonafide title contender. They have made the semi-finals the last four tournaments. Portugal is pretty good as well.

Ghana may be the easiest team the US could face in this opening round. And that's not encouraging considering Ghana has been the bane of the United States' team the past two times they have played each other (2006, 2010). This time around the US is the stronger team. They are ranked 13th overall while Ghana is 37th.

The US will be seeking revenge for Ghana taking them out in years past. It should be a good game for those who are into the round ball version we call soccer.

The match starts at 2:30pm Pacific Time.