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Knowing the Enemy daily links 6/18

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AFC West


Each year there is a player that comes out of the woodworks and makes a name for themselves. That player this year could very well be little known member of the San Diego Chargers TE Ladarius Green. Antonio Gates is not getting any younger and the Chargers will be looking for their number 2 TE Green to step up this year and prove he is ready to start in the near future. At 6'4, 240lbs there is no reason to think that Ladarius wont step up in 2014.

Secret Superstars 2014: Chargers - Pro Football Focus

Dwight Freeney was thought to be a possible contributor to the San Diego defense last season but he ended up being a non factor. Age and injuries crippled the former star DE of the Indianapolis Colts and he was never able to really show his patented spin move the way he was expected to. It is 2014 now though and it appears the health factor is back on his side even if the age factor never will be again.

Dwight Freeney says he is 100% healthy - ESPN


Who has the Kansas City Chiefs mini-camp covered better than Arrowhead Pride? Nobody, that's who. From De'Anthony Thomas and Sean Smith leaving ill to possible rookie phenom Dee Ford getting first team reps due to Justin Houston's holdout, everything you need to know about yesterday's OTA's for the Chiefs is in this article.

De'Anthony Thomas leaves Chiefs practice early, Justin Houston absent and more day one minicamp news - Arrowhead Pride

Justin Houston being absent is big news due to him being unhappy enough with his contract to skip mandatory off-season work. He wants to get paid and he wants his money now not later. With the standoff between the two official now it gives us Raiders fans a reason to smile at the discomfort of their situation. However, it's just OTA's right now and he really isn't missing all that much.

Relax, Chiefs fans: Justin Houston ain't missing a darn thing - except the heat - Fox News Kansas City


Yesterday was the 7th day of OTA's for the Denver Broncos and Mile High Report has you covered on the notes worth mentioning. From the Chuck Knoll/John Fox connection, to the emergence of little known LB pass rushing specialist Quanterus Smith, Tim Lynch covers the bases for you to get to know your rival a little better.

Day 7: Denver Broncos OTA's news and interviews recap - Mile High Report

Since we have already covered the depth chart review of the Chargers and the Raiders from PFF it is only natural that we show you the low down for the Broncos too. Take a look at their analysis of the player quality of the Denver Broncos if you have the stomach too, there is only one below average starter on the whole chart.

2014: Depth Chart: Denver Broncos - Pro Football Focus


Justin Houston is not the only player around the league missing mandatory mini-camp this week. Even an elite team like the San Francisco 49ers has some players skipping in protest, nobody is immune. The most curious of all the absentees is actually former Raider Mike Goodson who is MIA from the NY Jets at the moment, this after injuries and gun charges left him a complete non-factor in 2013.

Who didn't show up for mandatory mini-camp? -

Were you as annoyed as I was having to wait until May for the NFL draft this year? Bill Belichick was! The crotchety coach of the New England Patriots would prefer to keep the NFL draft in April over the extra long wait until May that we experienced this past year. Unfortunately for all of us, the NFL probably didn't mind having the extra few weeks of football coverage, the greedy bastards!

Bill Belichick would prefer the NFL draft to be in April, just like the rest of you - Yahoo Shutdown Corner