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Knowing the Enemy daily links 6/19

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Ezra Shaw

Get your link on people! Check out some of these stories from around the division and the two different lawsuits effecting the NFL today.

AFC West



Yesterday was day two of mandatory mini-camp for the Kansas City Chiefs. They got a couple of their missing players back but it was just in time to have a few more leave for the day. The most interesting development is that Rookie 6th round pick Guard Zach Fulton is getting more time with the starters and might just be making a push to start.

Chiefs' De'Anthony Thomas, Weston Dressler return and more day 2 minicamp news - Arrowhead Pride

The Chiefs turned things around quickly in the first year under head coach Andy Reid last year. In Reid's history he has been very consistent with the quality of his teams but that hasn't stopped some people from believing that KC is about to take a step back all over again. Gil Brandt, gotta love him!

Panthers, Chiefs, Seahawks among teams set to take a step back -


The San Diego Chargers might not have made that many changes this off-season with their roster, but they did get a new offensive coordinator in Frank Reich. It is Reich's first year as an OC so we don't know that much about what his plans are going to be, but a little digging can go a long way. The research shows the Chargers will be adding some new concepts and be high paced for their new offense under the former Bills back up QB to Jim Kelly in the 90's.

What might Frank Reich's Chargers offense look like? - Bolts from the Blue

Those of us hoping that the Raiders have some interest in former Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers are in for a big disappointment. He is visiting the rival Chargers already, and they will be doing what they can to keep him from leaving town without a contract.

Free Agent  CB Brandon Flowers visiting the San Diego Chargers - Bolts from the Blue


The Denver Broncos head coach has decided to cancel all OTA activities for Thursday which signals the end of Broncos mini-camp. They have a few key players out with injuries and now have until July to recover. There will be no more activities for the Broncos squad until July's reporting to training camp.

Mourning the end of Broncos' OTAs: No more football until late July - Mile High Report

One player who showed he was a force for the Broncos last year was TE Julius Thomas. After a quiet rookie year the young phenom came on in a big, big way. You know what is the most scary thing about that? He wasn't even comfortable yet! That is something that he claims he finally feels with game of football and if he did what he did last year while uncomfortable it gives the entire league something to be worried about come Week 1 of 2014.

Julius Thomas still learning after breakout with Denver Broncos -


The NFL settled one lawsuit with retired players already but now here comes another one already. Retired players have put together a class action lawsuit centered around teams peddling them painkillers without proper notifications of the effects of them. It is another very serious issue for the league and Jim Trotter of ESPN believes they need to be proactive in their response to it.

NFL - Painkillers lawsuit magnifies teams' responsibility to protect players - ESPN

In an entirely different lawsuit, the Washington Redskins have had a court ruling ruled against them that has taken away their trademark rights for the name Redskins. The reasoning is that trademark laws do not apply to disparaging words which the lawsuit contends the name "Redskins" is. This isn't the first time the team lost their trademark on an initial court ruling only to regain it on appeal, will history be repeating itself?

U.S. Patent and Trademark office cancels Redskins Trademark - Hogs Haven