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Source: Raiders joint practices with Cowboys all but done deal, dates set

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I reported the Raiders were in discussions with the Cowboys to hold joint practices in Oxnard. Today, Dennis Allen confirmed that report as well as the fact it would be held in Oxnard California where the Cowboys hold training camp as opposed to Raiders' training camp facility in Napa.

"We're in the process of communicating with the Cowboys," said Allen. "We haven't finalized those plans, but that's something that we're looking into. We'll see where that goes."

According to a source close to the situation, those plans are very close to being finalized. The proposed date of the joint practices would be over two days -- August 12 and 13.

Those dates fall right in between the Raiders preseason opener in Minnesota on August 8 and their preseason home opener against the Lions on August 15. The Cowboys will have played the Chargers in San Diego on August 7 and not play again until August 16 when they head to Baltimore.

The last time the Raiders held joint practices was 2009 when they scrimmaged against the 49ers. The Cowboys last scrimmaged against the Chargers in 2012.