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United States vs Germany World Cup open thread

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Chat with Raiders fans during the United States vs Germany FIFA World Cup soccer match.

Martin Rose

Yeah, the US and Germany are at halftime, but the score is still nill to nill so we didn't miss much. In fact, that may be the score when all is said and done. Neither team is eager to get on the board because a tie ensures they both move onto the next round. Then again, a win basically does the same thing so we could see a score in the second half.

Both the United States and Germany have a win and a draw in their first two matches so they're tied with four points. Though, Germany beat Portugal 4-0 in the opening match, the United States played them to a 2-2 draw and bet Ghana 2-1 which means the US could still advance if they lose, so long as they don't get blown out by the Germans which doesn't look likely at this point.

The specific points each team would need to win or lose by to ensure the USMNT moves on gets pretty complicated but before today's matches they had a 76% chance of moving on.