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Know the Enemy Daily Links 6/27: Chiefs join Name Change discussion, Clowney played through hernia in '13

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AFC West

The Washington Redskins debate continues to rage on, and it got Joel Thorman? Of Arrowhead Pride wondering how it effects the Chiefs. Though not considered a slur like some consider the Redskins name it is still a Native American themed logo that could one day draw controversy. The comments section blew up for this article with over 600 comments on an off-season article!

The Chiefs current QB is Alex Smith but that might not be the case that much longer if the team and player can't come to an agreement soon. For a little bit of insurance Kansas City used a 4th round pick in this years draft on a  rookie QB with potential named Aaron Murray. Here is a player profile on the talented QB out of Georgia.
Rookie Review: QB Aaron Murray - ESPN

The Chargers news is coming in at a trickle currently unless you want to continue to be overloaded with information on their acquisition of CB Brandon Flowers. Since I am sick of that topic I dove a little deeper for some Charger related content of interest. This first article is about a player to watch for in their 2nd string TE Ladarius Green who is set to take a bigger role in the San Diego offense. 
Ladarius Green to take on bigger role for Chargers O -

For the 2nd Chargers article I really went back to find this one, all the way back into May in fact. Despite the article being longer in the tooth it still is an interesting and informative read on the 2014 draft class in San Diego. Pro Football Focus knows their stuff so it is worth it to acquaint yourself with what they have to say about the Chargers rookies this year.
Jeremy Bolander of Mile High Report has got the Denver defense covered from head to toe. This is one of the most in depth analysis of the Broncos defense that I have come across. Part one concentrates on identifying the Broncos base defense.
In Part 2 of Jeremy Bolander's series he identifies the Broncos intentions for how they plan to stop the run with their defensive line. After reading this series you will feel like you have a much better understanding of the specifics of the Broncos system and the way that they use small shifts to big advantages. 


Compared to Jadeveon Clowney's breakout sophomore year his production hit a brick wall for his Junior season at South Carolina. It didn't stop him from going number 1 overall but it was a big point of discussion prior to the 2014 draft. As it turns out there may have been one glaring problem sticking out that had gone unattended, Clowney was playing his entire season with a Sports Hernia injury. 
There are some very intriguing coaches across the NFL this season. Rex Ryan is always interesting, Jim Caldwell is getting another well deserved shot as a head coach, and Lovie Smith is back in action with his new team in Tampa Bay. Which coach has the most compelling storyline in 2014 though? Pat Kirwan has compiled his top 10 list to answer that very question.