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Know the Enemy Daily Links 6/30: Was this the Chargers' best off-season ever? Aqib Talib arrested?

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AFC West

What do Justin Houston, Alex Smith, and Andre Johnson all have in common? All three of them are players the Chiefs would like to make happy and sign. That will take a lot of money and maneuvering to happen though, especially in the case of Andre Johnson. There is no doubt that if the Texans were to decide to release the disgruntled WR that the Chiefs would pursue him. It is so certain in fact that Arrowhead Pride included him with Justin Houston and Alex Smith as part of their 3 intriguing off-season topics during the anual dead period for NFL news.

Anything entitled Team Report has the promise to be interesting. Get to know the Chiefs a little better after reading this report done on them by The SportsXchange (I bet they have exchange as Xchange because if not this name would look funny, Sportsexchange). It has notes and quotes from this off-season and details on each of the Chiefs draft picks and how they are doing so far.

The San Diego Chargers fans feel like they are on the precipice of something great. In fact, it has many of them feeling like this was the best off-season ever for their team. However, Bolts From the Blue's John Gennaro reminds everybody to take it in stride because they had this feeling before in 2008 and it turned out to be fool's gold.

The Chargers DC John Pagano thinks he knows his 11 starters for the year, but that doesn't mean those are the players that will actually win the jobs. San Diego has enough depth that it is creating some serious competition for 7 or 8 of the 11 spots and Pagano is willing to let it all play out before making any decisions. 

The Denver Broncos had a pretty good cornerback duo last year with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on one side and Chris Harris on the other side. However, Chris Harris tore his ACL and DRC moved on to the NY Giants. That didn't hurt the Broncos too badly though since they replaced DRC with Aqib Talib and first round pick Bradley Roby. Now Chris Harris is "85%" and ready to get back to the field with his new teammates who he thinks create the best group he has ever been a part of.

Speaking of Aqib Talib, you may have heard that he was arrested in Dallas. It came as quite a surprise to hear the news for any Broncos fan, none more so than Aqib himself who was thousands of miles away from Texas at the time. It turns out that Dallas had arrested a Talib, it just wasn't Aqib who they mistakenly originally reported as the person in cuffs.


Have you ever heard of a coach by the name of Hue Jackson? He is a loud and boisterous fella who may have been on the Raiders coaching staff a few years ago. The former Raiders head coach is in the news again as the Bengals OC who is gushing over his QB and WR combo of AJ Green and Andy Dalton. He has proclaimed the duo as the best QB/WR combination in the league. No joke, he actually said that. 

Normally I have been avoiding putting Bleacher Report articles on this list, but I am bucking that notion for today. Despite the incredibly annoying "slideshow" style designed solely to trump up site traffic numbers, this is still an interesting article. See who they have earmarked as the rookies in this year's class that bring the most value considering where they were picked. There is even a Levi Damien reference involved.