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Undrafted kicker Palardy signs with Raiders

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders have gone all off-season thus far without a camp leg to take some of the kicking duties from veteran kicker, Sebastian Janikowski. That changed today when they signed former University of Tennessee kicker/punter, Mike Palardy. He is, of course, left-footed to match Janikowski.

Palardy hit 82 percent of his kicks last season for the Volunteers with a career average of 74 percent.

Making him more valuable is his ability as a punter. He punted 33 times inside the 20-yard line last season and 19 times had punts over 50 yards with no blocked punts.

Currently the Raiders have two punters on the team -- Marquette King and Daniel Zychlinski. King is the primary punter and Zychlinski was signed this off-season as a camp leg.

The Raiders cut Zychlinski to make room on the roster. This move in essence saves a roster spot in camp with Palardy pulling double duty as a kicker and punter.