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Know the Enemy Daily Links 7/1: Dallas Cowboys read mean tweets, Chiefs Dwayne Bowe still a #1?

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Ronald Martinez

AFC West

At one time Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe seemed like a no doubt #1 quality WR. He was on his way to being considered one of the best receivers in the league but fast forward a couple years and he has failed to meet those loft expectations.  Can he turn things back around?
The words "be careful what you wish for" should be repeated over and over to Chiefs 3rd round pick CB Phillip Gaines. He hasn't stepped foot on the field in a regular game yet but he is already invoking the name of The Forehead. The rook says he is excited to face off against Peyton Manning, but we will see what he says after he gets his chance.
The Denver Broncos have been a scary good team over the last couple of years. That's what happens when you have Peyton Manning. However,  its not just the hall of fame QB that makes this team so good, its a talented unit all together. Does the other HoF QB that is part of the Broncos organization get enough credit for what he has accomplished as GM?
Julius Thomas came out of no where last year. Few people expected his emergence but he dominated the 2013 season. Take a closer look at the TE and what he accomplished last season. He truly embodies John Elway's favorite saying of "We don't draft All-Pros, we build them".
Is it just me or are players openly recruiting free agents to join their team more than ever? Raiders fans know all about Justin Tuck's scouting abilities after he signed in Oakland but he isn't the only AFC West player to get into the foray. Eric Weddle and Eddie Royal played a big role in getting CB Brandon Flowers to sign in San Diego.
There are few things more demoralizing than failing to stop a third down conversion. We all know that sickening feeling far too well. San Diego has had that same problem finishing 29th in 2012 and 20th last year in 3rd down efficiency. They must get better in that department to meet their accelerating expectations. 
Defense must improve on Money Down - ESPN


One of the more disturbing stories to ever hit the NFL is that of former Safety Darren Sharper. Sharper had a Hall of Fame worthy career that took place in Green Bay, Minnesota and New Orleans and after his playing career was over he even became an NFL Network analysis. Then the news that he could be a sexual predator hit and everything we thought we knew about the former great was brought into question in an unimaginably horrifying way.


Since the first article in the NFL section is so dark, it only seems right to make the second one as light hearted as possible. Have you ever seen Jimmy Kimmel's celebrities read mean tweets? Someone with the Dallas Cowboys has and has gotten some star players for the team to put a similar video together. Check it out for a laugh or two!