Hall of Shame: Warren Sapp has $70 meal, stiffs waitress on tip


Recent Hall of Fame inductee, Warren Sapp, who technically played football in a Raiders uniform for a couple seasons, ate at a Florida sports bar restaurant to watch the US Mens World Cup match, stiffed the waitress on the tip. Adding "Boys don't tip!" on the receipt. His bill was $69.39 and after entering a big, fat zero in the tip line, the final bill was the same. Generally an appropriate tip is between 15% and 20% which would put the tip amount somewhere between $10 to $15. Hell, they add it up right on the bottom of the receipt. That's chump change for a big time NFL Superstar like Mr Sapp. But not quite as trivial for a waitress making minimum wage. Even if you thought the service was not great, come on, man.