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Kahlil McKenzie follows in his dad's footsteps, commits to Tennessee

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Reggie McKenzie's son Kahlil McKenzie is a pretty impressive athlete. He has been a four-star high school recruit since his sophomore year and with former NFL player and current Oakland Raiders general manager, Reggie McKenzie, as his father, he has garnered a lot of attention from big time college programs.

The 6-3, 330-pound defensive lineman was deciding between several big time programs but was always leaning toward University of Tennessee, his dad's alma mater. Here he announces his decision:

Recently McKenzie dominated at the Oakland Nike Football Training Camp. Here is some video of his domination. Keep in mind, these offensive linemen he is facing are pushing 300 pounds. McKenzie simply makes them look much smaller.

Kahlil could often be seen along with his little brother, a pretty good football player in his own rite, in attendance at Raiders practices and camps. They are pretty well versed in how the NFL goes about its business and what it takes to get there. Kahlil recently transferred from De La Salle to Clayton Valley Charter and has one year of high school remaining. After that, he's off to Rocky Top to make his dad proud.