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Raiders Legend Tim Brown book signing this Saturday

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Recently Tim Brown, aka 'Mr Raider' put out his new book "The Making of a Man". And if you would like to get a copy of his book along with an his autograph, now is your chance. Brown is in town for the Farewell to the 'Stick legends game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco and is taking a detour to sign some books.

Tim Brown will be autographing copies of his book free of charge at the Southland Mall Raider Image this Saturday (tomorrow) July 12 from 10am to 12 noon.

The book itself costs $20 with no additional cost for the autograph.

There are other options for autographs at various prices. Here is the info per the Raiders:

$30 trading cards, flats up to 16/20

$50 Mini helmets & footballs

$70 Full size helmets, Jerseys and Artwork

$15 per inscription

The former Heisman Trophy winner, was the Raiders' sixth overall pick in the 1988 draft out of Notre Dame. He spent sixteen seasons with the Raiders and is their all time leading receiver. He made 9 Pro Bowls for the Raiders and has been a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame the past five years.