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Germany vs Argentina FIFA World Cup Finals open thread

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Argentina's Lionel Messi and Germany's Thomas Mueller
Argentina's Lionel Messi and Germany's Thomas Mueller
Getty Images

The United States was knocked out of the FIFA World Cup in the round of 16 when they lost to Belgium. Since then the World Cup has continued without them. And it all comes down to this -- Germany vs Argentina.

Germany won the "Group of death" which was the group the US was in. They faced Germany in their final match-up and lost 0-1 but still moved on thanks the Portugal beating Ghana in their match-up.

Since then Germany has proven they were worthy of leading off the "Group of death" by pushing all the way to the finals. They laid waste to Brazil in the semifinal match with a 7-1 shellacking of the hometown squad. Prior to that they beat Algeria 2-1.

Argentina has gotten here by the skin of their teeth. They haven't won by more than one point the entire tournament and their semifinals match against the Netherlands went to penalty kicks to decide it. (0-0, 4-2).

The game starts at Noon Pacific Time.