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Dennis Allen dead last in head coach power rankings

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Levi Damien

Once again,'s Elliott Harrison put out power ranking for all 32 head coaches and once again he ranked Dennis Allen dead last. Here is his explanation:

Allen ranks 32nd for the second year in a row, mostly because we just didn't see improvement from his Raiders from Year 1 to Year 2. Allen came from the defensive side of the ball in Denver, and that is exactly where many of the Raiders' problems still lie. (Quarterback has been an issue, sure, but this D just gave up the most points in the AFC.) Allen is getting another shot in 2014, which he deserves, given where this club was at -- talent-wise and cap-wise -- when he took over.

To see all the rankings, click here.

The next four coaches on the list are all first time head coaches -- Mike Pettine (Browns), Jay Gruden (Redskins), Bill O'Brien (Texans), Mike Zimmer (Vikings). Second-year Bills coach Doug Marrone at 27 is the next non-rookie coach.

The explanation is odd because it begins by blaming the defensive woes on Allen and then finishes up by saying he deserves another shot because of the situation the Raiders found themselves in "talent-wise and cap-wise". Harrison simply didn't want to put all rookie coaches at the bottom of the rankings. That would have seemed too easy. And certainly not controversial.

Allen is entering his third year at the helm of the Raiders and last off-season there was some uncertainty if he would be brought back. They ranked him dead last after his first season as well. Here was his explanation at that time:

Someone has to hold down the cellar spot. Allen earns the dubious distinction after a miserable 2012 season in Oakland. Was it Allen's fault? Not necessarily, as the roster he inherited wasn't exactly the 1976 Raiders. Then again, neither was the Colts' roster, and look what Chuck Pagano and Bruce Arians accomplished in Indy. Allen's area of expertise is on the defensive side of the ball, so it was especially disconcerting to see Oakland allow 27.7 points per game last year.

He was ranked 30th prior to his rookie season just ahead of Buccaneers rookie HC Greg Schiano and the Saints head coaching debacle in the wake of the Bountygate scandal.

He has obviously never been much of a Dennis Allen fan.