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Know the Enemy Daily Links 7/15: John Elway is no figurehead, the NFL Hypocrisy on Player Safety

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

AFC West


Countdown to camp: Quarterbacks - ESPN

There's little doubt who'll be directing the Broncos offense this season, but the quarterbacks behind Peyton Manning are the real question marks.

Building a Better Bronco - The MMQB with Peter King

Three years ago, hiring John Elway brought questions of Denver's intent. Would the former face of the franchise be just a figure head? Three straight playoff seasons and a Super Bowl berth later, the answer is clear: nope.


How confident are John Dorsey and Andy Reid in the 2014 Kansas City Chiefs? - Arrowhead Pride

There are two very different ways one could view the various moves the Chiefs have made this off-season.

Which Kansas City Chiefs position group concerns you the most entering training camp? - Arrowhead Pride

Which Chiefs position group should Chiefs fans be most concerned about?


Slightly Premature 53-man roster - Bolts from the Blue

John Gennaro and Maximilian Schultz put their heads together to predict the Chargers 53-man roster.

3 underrated Chargers heading into training camp - Sports Out West

Here are three Chargers that Laramee Bishop believes are underrated heading into training camp.


Player Safety and the Hypocrisy of the NFL - Bolts from the Blue

On one hand, the NFL has changed rules to improve player safety. On the other hand, a money grab exposes 90 players each week to completely unnecessary risk of compounding injuries and adds excessive wear and tear to the players.

Don Shula Abides - The MMQB with Peter King

The victories are smaller now, the fabled intensity faded, but the NFL's winningest coach - mentor to Unitas and Marino - remains fiercely proud of his legacy. Perfection will do that to a man.