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What do Raiders fans think of the idea of sharing Levi's stadium with 49ers?

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Roger Goodell made it clear he would like the Raiders to share a stadium with the 49ers. This could be permanently or it could be temporarily either while the Raiders are in limbo or while a new stadium is built.

We don't yet know exactly what facility the Raiders will be playing in next year. Their lease extension at is up after this season and something has to give.

Mark Davis has made it clear many times he does not want to be a tenant in the 49ers stadium. Though, when Roger Goodell agreed to give the 49ers $200 million to help finance their new digs, it was with the contingency that they must be available to share it with another tenant (that being the Raiders) should it come to that.

The question is, what do Raiders fans think of the notion of sharing Levi's Stadium with the 49ers?

Editor's note: This poll has been compromised and the results are therefore not entirely accurate. The voting has been closed. While the leading vote-getter is correct, the voting numbers and percentages are off.