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Raiders training camp practice a week away, field lines going in

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It's very nearly here. Raiders 2014 training camp. Exactly a week from today, the Raiders will be taking the practice field for the first time in Napa in preparation for the 2014 season. The grounds crew is busy at work putting down the grid for the practice field.

Here is what the field looked like a couple weeks ago:


And here is the grounds crew nearly finished putting down the lines:


The anticipation for the 2014 season has been building for a while now. The longest wait is always the month between mandatory minicamps and training camp. That wait is nearly over.

The Raiders players arrive in Napa on July 23, have team meetings on July 24, and hit the practice field next Friday, July 25. Training camp will be shorter this year than years past. They will practice in Napa for about two weeks before packing up. Their first preseason game will be on August 8 in Minnesota.

See the entire training camp schedule here.

The next time you see pics of this field from me will be with Raiders players on it. I will post plenty of pics and updates on Twitter. Follow me by clicking the button below.