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Khalil Mack, rookies Madden 2015 ratings released (HINT: It's better than his original EA Sports NCAA rating)

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Khalil Mack as rendered in the Madden NFL 2015 video game
Khalil Mack as rendered in the Madden NFL 2015 video game
EA Sports

The 2015 Madden rookie rating came out today and Khalil Mack may not need to change his jersey number as motivations this time. Mack received an 81 rating from Madden 2015. In case you are wondering, that's pretty good... for a rookie.

Mack was asked by EA Sports, prior to the release, what he thinks his Madden rating should be.

"I hope it's not a 46 or a 52 right now." Mack responded.

Mack currently wears number 52 and he wore number 46 in college. Why is that relevent? Well, for those unfamiliar with the back story, Mack chose the number 46 in college at Buffalo because that was the rating he received from EA Sports NCAA football video game. Just so you know, that's pretty low.

Mack used that rating as motivation. Wearing it on his chest was a constant reminder of the perception of his talents coming out of high school. He was determined to outperform that perception and prove that rating incorrect. I'd say playing his way to becoming the fifth overall pick in the draft accomplished that.

His 81 rating is tied with Jake Matthews of the Falcons for the third best rating among all rookies. Only Texans top overall pick Jadeveon Clowney and Rams second overall pick Greg Robinson have higher ratings -- both received an 83 rating. Sammy Watkins, who was chosen just ahead of Mack, received an 80 rating. Blake Bortles, chosen third overall by the Jaguars, received a 78 rating

Here is the official Madden 15 video. And it's pretty bad ass.