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Know the Enemy Daily Links 7/22: Rookie sucker punched, NFL to LA plans for real this time?

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Frederick Breedon

AFC  West


Training Camp Preview: Defensive Line -

Get ready for training camp with a preview of the Chargers defensive line.

Chargers bolt into camp with high hopes - The Washington Post

Expectations are high again in San Diego, thanks to the Chargers’ return to the playoffs last season.

Charles has long been one of the most underrated stars in football, a player who would be far more celebrated if he toiled in a larger media market. Charles also quickly became Reid's favorite weapon, and that confidence could prove to be a blessing and a curse.

Craig takes a look back at just how awesome Derrick Johnson has become as a 3-4 inside linebacker, and how he got here.

InRodWeTrust looks at a revamped defensive line that could 'straight paralyze' opponents

Sacred cows were scarce when Broncos general manager John Elway dug out from the wreckage of that Super Bowl blistering by the Seahawks.


Rookie allegedly hit by Alabama fan but evidently does not plan to press charges.

It is a bizarre anniversary, one that would have been crazy to predict.