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Report: DJ Hayden not ready for training camp with foot injury

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when we were all so excited at the new and improved, beefed up version of D.J. Hayden? Well, that didn't last long. Hayden went down with what appeared to be a rolled ankle in OTA's this summer and was said at the time that it would keep him out until training camp.

Players are arriving at training camp today and it appears that the timetable of Hayden being out UNTIL training camp was off. Still in a walking boot, the second year cornerback is still not ready for physical activities. It get's worse.

Not only is Hayden not ready for training camp, he also did not have an ankle injury after all. According to Scott Bair and his "sources", Hayden is actually in the walking boot because of a foot injury.

Let the collective gasp and worry about a possible Lisfranc injury commence. As you can see from the replies to Scott's tweet there, the worrying has already begun. It is probably just post traumatic stress from Darren McFadden and Jacoby Ford's foot injuries in the past, but whenever a player is still in a walking boot after a month with a foot injury the concern is just.

According to NFL Insider Adam Caplan the Raiders are planning on "easing him into the training camp" action. If so it would be similar to the way they handled him post scar tissue removal surgery last year. Unfortunately that is now the best case scenario regarding Hayden, with the worst case scenario being a Lisfranc injury that would put him on IR and lose him for the entire season.

Hayden being unable to participate in the opening of training camp is yet another disappointing moment in the young corner's career. Hopefully he is able to get onto the field soon because the plan was to count on him taking a step forward in his play. That of course can not happen if he doesn't find a way to get healthy and back on the field though.