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Derek Carr addressed media upon arrival at Raiders training camp

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Levi Damien

Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr arrived at training camp today. He addressed the media upon his arrival. Here is the transcript of that interview.

What were you thinking about on your ride up here?

"Just watching at the old Raider games. Just thinking about all those guys coming here and doing all that. It's an exciting experience. Obviously I still have a lot to learn and I'm excited to learn from my coaches and the veterans on this team. Hopefully Matt (Schaub) doesn't get too annoyed at me for asking too many questions because I'm gonna ask even more now. I'm gonna try and pick his brain as much as I can."

What's your mindset heading into camp?

"Just keep getting better. We made great progress in the OTA's and minicamp, I'm starting to learn how to be a NFL quarterback and those things but I still got a long way to go. So, I'm gonna rely on my coaches and the team to help me get through my first camp. Whatever I can do to help this team get better."

Did you reach out to Matt Schaub during the month off?

"He actually was doing some other things so there was some other veterans on our team - if they want to talk about it they can -- but I've been reaching out to them asking them questions and all these things from even where do I park when I get there. Little rookie questions like that. They've been great and nothing but help."

You were around training camps as a kid, any memories?

"Oh yeah, I remember them reporting for camp and all those things. I think I like it being on this side of things now a lot more than standing around watching. As a little kid I couldn't wait for the day to come. So now it's here and I know how much more hard work I have to put in."