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Know the Enemy Daily Links 7/25: Peyton Manning talks blue balls, NFL's domestic violence problem

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Jeff Zelevansky

AFC West


Most Valuable San Diego Chargers: #1 Philip Rivers - Bolts from the Blue

Was there any doubt about who the most valuable San Diego Chargers player was going to be?

Four things to keep an eye on during Training Camp - Bolts from the Blue

Kyle Posey takes a look at the biggest questions hanging over the Chargers heading into training camp.


Justin Houston not talking about his contract: "I'm here for football" - Arrowhead Pride

KC Chiefs LB Justin Houston spoke to the KC media for the first time in nearly eight months.

Top Chiefs training camp position battles includes CBs Sean Smith, Ron Parker - Arrowhead Pride

It's just one day for the full roster workouts at KC Chiefs training camp but let's examine the top position battles entering camp.


Broncos' Chris Harris Jr. says his knee is playoff ready - Mile High Report

There's a difference between preseason-ready and playoff-ready, and Chris Harris Jr. on Monday said his knee was the latter.

Peyton Manning talks blue balls....footballs, that is - Mile High Report

Yes, you read that correct.


Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice and the NFL's domestic violence problem - ESPN W

The NFL is sending a strong message by issuing such a weak suspension; it's about as meaningful as a yellow card in a soccer game.

NFL's message on Josh Gordon and Ray Rice: marijuana is worse than violence against women - Fansided

So, the NFL has decided that smoking a joint is a worse crime than beating up your significant other. No, scratch that…the league has decided that smoking a joint is a worse crime than beating up a woman.