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Know the Enemy Daily Links 7/3: Jimmy Graham ruling decision, Charles status in NFL history

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AFC West

What is more important, being lucky or being good? It is a trick question when it comes to the NFL because the answer is actually being healthy. The Chiefs are back at full strength and are excited to show being healthy and good is far better than being lucky and good.
Just how good is Jamaal Charles exactly? Anybody that watched the RB torch the Raiders last season for over 200 yards and multiple touchdowns can probably give an accurate answer to that: REALLY good. Where is he setting himself up in NFL history is a very interesting question that Arrowhead Pride has brought up. To me, he is entering Hall of Fame great territory.
After the year Peyton Manning just had you would think it would be enough for him to be unanimously voted as a tier one QB in any insiders poll. That is not the case though after one insider excluded him from the top 5 QB's and another almost did. Find out why in this article.
Broncos RB Montee Ball had a somewhat uneventful rookie season, but by the end of it he had found his groove. The Broncos are betting big on him continuing his success that he found at the end of the season, so much so that they allowed Knowshon Mereno to leave in free agency this year. One NFL Network analysis thinks they made the right decision.
Every team has a core of players that absolutely need to perform well for that team to have a winning season. The Chargers are no different in that regard. Who are the top offensive players needed for them to have a great season? This article answers that for you.
One of the trendiest picks for breakout player of the year this off-season is a member of the San Diego Chargers. Long known for how good of a TE they have in Antonio Gates, it appears the heir apparent to the position is set to turn heads in 2014. Will TE Ladarius Green cash in on the hype and "make the leap" this year?


There are all sorts of reasons that teams try to get out of payments to players, but this is one of the most clear cut ones of all time. Once you are booted off the team and locked up on suspicion of multiple homicides those NFL checks should probably stop. The Patriots are trying to do exactly that with the money still owed to former TE Aaron Hernandez. 
It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last time a star tight end tried to argue for receiving the wide receiver franchise tag instead of the cheaper designation for TE's. The decision on Jimmy Graham is in and the NFL arbitrator has deemed Graham to be......a TE.