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Raiders training camp day 5 wrap: Defense heating up

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You know, you'd think by now I'd know better that even when the weather in Napa is cool in the morning, it is no indication of the temperature in the afternoon. What began as a bit of a chilly morning was 90 degrees by the time practice started and here I am in pants, depriving the world of my calves. Anyway...

After their first day off this training camp, the Raiders were back in pads again today. They have been eligible to be in pads the past three practices and have been in pads each time.

Returning from injury were Jake Murphy and Rod Streater from concussions and Nick Kasa coming off the PUP list. Antonio Smith was unable to finish practice with groin issues and Austin Howard didn't finish with back stiffness. To see the entire injury list, click here.

The music selection during camp has been all over the map, but mostly switching back and forth from country to rap. Today they started out with the old standard - AC/DC's Hell's Bells. Then the next track was a country song. Lamarr Woodley was visibly not feeling it and some of the fans noticed. Woodley, being the outgoing, man of the people he is, was chopping it up with them. Fans are gonna love him.

One of the first things I noticed was Tony Bergstrom setting up at center with the second team. Kevin Boothe has set up there through camp up to this point and he shifted over to right guard with the second team and was back at center with the third team.

Bergstrom and Derek Carr had some troubles with snap exchanges. First it was a fumbled exchange from under center, then two plays later in the shotgun, Bergstrom sent one over Carr's head. It's early, so no need to make any snap judgments (see what I did there? Tip your server).

For what it's worth, Gabe Jackson held his own at right guard.

Sio Moore and Miles Burris are now rotating in and out between the first and second team. Good competition going on with those two. Both made nice run stuff plays with in a few plays of each other. Both were on Latavius Murray.

The catch of the day came from Marcel Reece who, after taking Nick Roach to school on Monday, had Tyvon Branch on his this time. He streaked up the left sideline and Matt Schaub saw Branch turned around and put the ball in the air. Reece went airborne and came down with it. And the crowd went nuts.

The pass of the day comes from Trent Edwards. He Andre Holmes streaking up the left sideline and he put the ball where only Holmes could get it and he reached up and pulled it in just inbounds for a long gainer. That was nearly the catch of the day as well.

Not much to report with the quarterbacks. Schaub still looks confident and crisp, and Carr is still throwing heaters. McGloin looked more steady than he had been.

Derek Carr showed some pretty surprising wheels a couple times in practice. A couple times in red zone drills he rolled right, evading pressure. First time he threw on a rope to Seth Roberts in the back of the endzone. The second time was the final play of the day where he tucked it and ran it in for a score. It sent the crowd off with a good feeling.

Lamarr Woodley pretty much sealed his side of the line off against the run today. It's a good look for the former 3-4 outside linebacker turned 4-3 defensive end. Justin Tuck also looked very good in pass rush today versus Menelik Watson.

The defensive play of the day comes from Sio Moore who shadowed Mychal Rivera up the right sideline and turned to knock down the Schaub pass.

The defensive backs are kicking up their intensity. There were more collisions today as they go up and fight with receivers and instinctually take them to the ground. They won't be able to take it out on someone in another uniform until August 8 when they head to Minnesota to play the Vikings.

Back tomorrow with more. As always, clickety clow on the button below to follow the action on Twitter.