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Raiders training camp day 6 wrap: Matt Schaub stumbles, Khalil Mack pummels

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Camp is moving right along and the intensity is escalating right with it. The Raiders were in pads again. They were eligible to be in pads on day three and have been in pads every day since - four straight days.

Also joining the Raiders today were officials. They were there to keep it fair. There were a couple false starts and I saw Tyvon Branch called for holding once guarding Marcel Reece. But not too many flags overall.

The only player who was new to the injured list today was Antonio Smith who left practice yesterday with a groin injury. Returning to the lineup was defensive tackle C.J. Wilson who had been out all of camp on the NFI list. All players who started practice today, finished. See the entire injury list here.

The defense got started early today. On the first series with just quarterbacks, wide receivers, and corners, Jonathan Dowling stepped in front of a pass from Schaub intended for Andre Holmes and picked it off.

It was a rough day overall for Schaub. He threw three interceptions on the day. The other two happened on consecutive passes and both by Charles Woodson.

The first interception, Schaub technically would have been sacked by Khalil Mack. After Mack let up, Schaub threw a long pass up the left sideline intended for James Jones only to have Woodson come come down with it. Woodson's momentum took him toward the fans in the bleachers and he mixed it up, giving high fives all around.

The second interception, he threw one at Mychal Rivera and there was Woodson again to pick it off. This time Woodson had nothing but real estate in front of him to take it for a pick six. The fans were already buzzing and with that, they went crazy.

Following practice, Dennis Allen bristled a bit at the line of questioning about Schaub throwing two interceptions in a row.

"I know how this thing's gonna work. Every time Schaub throws an interception, everybody's gonna want to hit the panic button and act like the sky's falling. He had a couple of plays that weren't very good and he came back and he responded. I'll let you guys push the panic button, I'm not going to. In my mind, he's still doing a great job for us."

Okeedokee. Moving on.

Also playing some solid defense today was Chimdi Chekwa. He clamped down on a Schaub pass intended for Denarius Moore early in the day. Then later on, he knocked down a pass intended for James Jones.

Schaub wasn't alone in the pick six category today. Derek Carr had one picked off by Brandian Ross. It was a short pass intended for Kory Sheets and Ross made the perfect break on it and had open space to run it back for the score.

Keeping on the defensive side of the ball, Khalil Mack. In his first few plays in team sessions, he absolutely obliterated Mychal Rivera who was trying to run block for Darren McFadden. Mack put Rivera on his back and blew up the run play in the backfield. The crowd appreciated the play as well.

On the very next play, Latavius Murray got the ball up the middle and there was Mack to stop him in his tracks. A bit later, Mack was in the backfield again to get to Maurice Jones-Drew who was stretching a run out left. A few plays later, he had the sack.

All of those plays were in one session.

As far as the running backs, as usual there isn't a lot to talk about. George Atkinson III has been struggling with ball control. He had a run up the middle in which Kaelin Burnett popped him and the ball came loose. That combined with his struggles in pass protection could make it very difficult for him to crack this lineup.

There were some good offense here and there but nothing to write home about. It was pretty much a defensive day. So, we'll just leave it at that. The offense has looked pretty good leading up to today and will have their chance to rebound tomorrow.