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Raiders training camp schedule released

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Levi Damien

The Raiders have officially released the schedule for their 2014 training camp in Napa California. Here are the important dates to remember:

July 23: Players arrive in Napa

July 24: Physicals/ administration meetings

July 25-28: Practice begins

Aug 8: Preseason week one at Minnesota

Aug 11: Final training camp practice in Napa

Aug 12-13: Joint practices with Cowboys in Oxnard CA

Aug: 15: Preseason home opener vs Lions

When the Raiders return to practice following their second preseason game, they will already be in regular season practice mode. This means no more camping in Napa, but rather at their Alameda facility with limited media access.

They, of course, have two more preseason games at Green Bay on August 22 and home against the Seahawks on August 28 to close out the preseason schedule. The first cutdown date is August 26 (75 players) and the final cutdown is August 30 (53 man roster). They open the season in New York against the Jets on September 7.