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Raiders logo redesigned as a corporate company

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Just a bit of fun from the site who went through and melded the logos of all 32 NFL teams with a company or product logo. Here the Raiders name and colors was crossed with Raid insect spray.

And for all you Raiders fans pissing and moaning about the lightning bolt, here is the Raid logo:


Get rid of the bolt and you have no logo. As if the Chargers have some kind of moratorium on lightning bolts or something. I think you're giving them a bit too much credit.

Most all of the logo redesigns are pretty cool and creative. One of the funnier ones is the Kansas City "Cheifs". Not just because it has Andy Reid as Colonel Sanders but because they misspell Chiefs as "Cheifs" which is very nearly calling them the "Chefs" -- a name that would fit the logo melding with a fast food chain. By the way, the secret recipe is shortening and barbecue sauce.


Also pretty funny is the 49ers redesign which combines them with 7-11. They did the team across the bay no favors with this one.


The Chargers and Broncos logo designs are actually pretty cool. The Broncos meld with the Ferrari logo and the Chargers with Corona Beer.

You can see all the logos here.