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Know the Enemy Daily Links 7/9: Brazil beatdown creates Bronco's Twitter trend, How good can Keenan Allen be?

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AFC West


How good can Keenan Allen be?
How good can Keenan Allen be? He had a spectacular rookie season with the San Diego Chargers and the expectations are through the roof. He plays like someone who has been in the league for years.

San Diego Chargers defense is full of potential
With the addition of Brandon Flowers to the San Diego Chargers defense, there is a lot of talent on the roster and it has the potential to be really good. (MAK Note: Not much in Chargers news currently, had to go back to June for this one)


The Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Line: Promise Or Problem? - Arrowhead Addict
The Chiefs expect big things this season after an 11-5 2013 campaign. It all starts in the trenches though and while the defensive line is unquestionably one of the best in the league the same can not be said for the offensive line. With it being the top question mark in the team, is the offensive line ready to show some promise or be a problem?

More passing from the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014? - Arrowhead Pride
Some data suggests the Chiefs are likely to be passing the ball more in 2014. The Kansas City Chiefs passed more in 2013 than we've seen in previous years due mostly to Andy Reid and his offense. You can expect that to continue in 2014.


Emmanuel Sanders: Denver is 'wide receiver heaven' -
Emmanuel Sanders joins a Denver Broncos receiving corps that is easily one of the best in the NFL. In playing with Peyton Manning, Sanders feels like he's died and gone to pass-catcher heaven.

Broncos are trending on Twitter, and it sucks - Mile High Report
Thanks, Brazil. An odds-on favorite getting utterly, surprising blown out on the world's greatest stage? A fanbase that was... hungry... for a championship? History has a way of repeating itself.  (MAK note2: This is funny, but remember the Raiders have been there too)


NFL Rookie Symposium: First-year football players learn off-field risk | The MMQB with Peter King
Part 1 — The Rookie Symposium is not the first test of an NFL player’s resolve, and it is never the last. Its importance is ambiguous; a matter of individual realization. You can sleep through it, as Ryan Leaf did during the second symposium in 1998.

NFL Rookie Symposium: First-year football players learn off-field risk | The MMQB with Peter King
Part 2 — The players are exhausted on all fronts. Some are even annoyed. This has been the message for as long as there’s been a rookie symposium in the NFL: Odds are, you won’t make it in this league.