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Raiders break camp in Napa, head to Oxnard for scrimmage with Cowboys

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Levi Damien

The Raiders officially broke their 2014 training camp in Napa today. Raiders players arrived in Napa on July 23 and had their first practice on July 25. Their first padded practice was on July 27. In total they had 13 camp practices in Napa.

That's a little over two weeks which is much shorter stay in Napa than the team usually has. In years past, they would have been up there for about a month before packing up.

"Finished up here in Napa. Now we're gonna go down to Oxnard for a couple of days, get a chance to work against the Cowboys. We're excited about that opportunity and then we'll be back in Alameda after that."

It was an early practice because they are heading off to Oxnard to scrimmage with the Cowboys the next couple days.

See all the details for the Raiders scrimmage with the Cowboys here.

Dennis Allen has said his reasoning for heading back to Alameda this soon is to get into regular season mode sooner than usual. The preparation for their third preseason game against the Packers will be much the same as a typical game week during the season. We'll see if that approach pays off.