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Know the Enemy Daily Links 8/12: 3 most indispensible Chiefs, Does Tim Tebow deserve another shot?

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AFC West


NFL Hands off! DBs must retool strategies - ESPN

As Smith curiously watched his teammate, Bowe struck the stereotypical journalist pose: right hand clutching a fake microphone, left hand rubbing his chin, his eyes burrowing in on Smith in hopes of detecting the truth. Finally, Bowe asked the question that summarized what every NFL receiver must be thinking these days: "So you know you can't put your hands on me anymore, right?"

Jamaal Charles? No. Alex Smith? Uh-uh. When pondering the players Andy Reid can least afford to lose, you have to look at left tackle, the middle of the Chiefs' defense and the spot right behind two Pro Bowl pass rushers.

Keeping track of any and all changes made to the San Diego Chargers preseason depth chart between their win over the Dallas Cowboys and their upcoming game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Takeaways from the First-Team Defense in the Chargers vs Cowboys Preseason Game - Bolts From The Blue

Kyle Posey watched the Chargers' first preseason game against the Cowboys and and reports his impressions of how the first–team defense played.

A week after his 32nd birthday, DeMarcus Ware looked like his old self in his first outing with the Denver Broncos. Not "old" as in his performance matched his age, but "old" as in former or previous or, in Ware's case, All-Pro self.

Taking a look back at each of Brock Osweiler's drop backs from his game against the Seahawks, what did he do well and what did he struggle with?


Who in the NFL moves the needle? Among out list of union leaders, media innovators and league execs are the two pillars of the Patriots: Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick.

It seems that every month Tim Tebow tells someone he's holding out hope for one more chance in the NFL. Does he deserve another shot? Our panel seems to mostly be in agreement on the answer.