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Raiders avoid blackout in preseason home opener against Lions

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders next preseason game will be their home opener against the Lions on Friday night at 7pm PT. Preseason games are still subject to the standard blackout rules so they needed to sell at least 85% of the available tickets in order for the game to be on TV locally.

Levi Damien is reporting from the Raiders/Cowboys inter-squad practice in Oxnard and says that the game has met the restrictions and will be televised. Yay for the local couch potatoes! 

It is great seeing the local fanbase showing their love and commitment to the Raiders, as always. They will need to do that every chance they get in order to help the process of a new stadium being built in Oakland so that they can keep the Raiders in town. 

Congrats to the local fans for meeting the ticket threshold. The blackout rules are archaic but since they still exist they must be satisfied. This Friday they will be, and hopefully in each one of the other Raiders home games too!