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Big scrap between players, fans at Raiders, Cowboys joint practice

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We knew it would be pretty intense today as the Raiders and Cowboys took the field for their joint practices. It was just a matter of who, when, and how it went down.

The intensity was up from the beginning. The source we would have thought it came from was Rolando McClain, who tried to get chippie in the first series when Latavius Murray shot through the line and McClain met him about ten yards downfield. After the play was stopped, McClain tried throwing Latavius down late. But nothing came of it.

After that session, they did some drills. That's where the first scuffle happened. Cowboys defensive end, Adawale Ojomo came on the pass rush where he met Austin Howard. He and Howard went at it as two lineman do in those drills, but then it kept going and the two had to be pulled apart by teammates.

Then they moved back to team sessions. That's when the big scrap happened. It happened along the sideline right in front of Raiders fans lining the fence. Cowboys cornerback, Morris Claiborne, tackled Mychal Rivera to the ground and then Claiborne stepped over Rivera's head. Greg Little took offense to it and went after Claiborne. NBC's Pat Doney caught it on camera and took this vine of it.

What you can't see in the video is Cowboys players ripping off Maurice Jones-Drew's helmet and taking swings at him while he's on the ground. One other thing you can see in the video is Cowboys cornerback BW Webb mix it up with a Raiders fan on the sideline who got into the action. MJD was standing between Webb and the fans while Webb is getting in MJD's face. Quite a scrap to say the least. There is some better video which I have seen which will undoubtedly be coming out shortly. It's pretty good.

Then just for good measure, on the final play of practice, Raiders rookie linebacker Carlos Fields and Cowboys fullback JC Copeland got physical with each other as Copeland attempted to block Fields. Facemasks were grabbed and the scuffle continued out of the field of play.