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Brawl at Raiders, Cowboys joint practice from various angles

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The news cycle has been abuzz  with the brawl that broke out between Raiders players, Cowboys players, and fans in attendance at the Raiders/Cowboys joint practice in Oxnard Tuesday afternoon. We originally reported the details of the incident with video, but since then several additional pieces of footage have emerged that cover the fight from pretty much every angle.

The fight broke out when Cowboys cornerback, Morris Claiborne took Mychal Rivera to the ground and stepped over him. Raiders wide receiver, Greg Little, took offense to it and came after Claiborne. It ended with Cowboys players Ryan Smith and Anthony Hitchens ripping off Maurice Jones-Drew's helmet and attacking him on the ground. A helmetless MJD got up and stood between a helmeted B.W. Webb and the fans along the sideline.

The fans were reaching at Webb and one fans hit him with a souvenir Raiders helmet. That's when Webb shoved back at the fan with the helmet. Coaches and fellow players pulled Webb and other away from the sideline at that point.

Here's the original vine as posted yesterday:

Here is a shot from Bryce Wellington of Silver & Black Report:

And here are a couple of fan videos from the sideline:

KTVU2 put out a pretty good video which captures the fight as it begins with a great angle of it as well.

Hopefully you have all now seen everything you need to see to properly judge what went down between these two teams and the Raiders fans in attendance along the sideline.