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Raiders many Green Bay transplants set to return to familiar confines

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Since Reggie McKenzie left the Packers front office and became the Raiders general manager following the 2011 season, the Raiders have become somewhat of a Green Bay to Oakland pipeline. The players know him and he knows the players. So, he tends to have a bit of bias with regard to the players he scouted and watched practice there.

Some of his former players who have come to the Raiders include current Raiders Charles Woodson, Brandian Ross, James Jones, and C.J. Wilson.

James Jones will line up at receiver at Lambeau field in another uniform for the first time in his NFL career. And not since his rookie year was anyone other than Aaron Rodgers his quarterback. And the two won a Super Bowl together.

For Woodson, Ross, and Wilson, they faced Aaron Rodgers in practice and were thankful they didn't have to face him on game day. The always candid CWood knows going against his former team's All Pro quarterback is not going to be easy.

"It is my first time going back (to Lambeau Field) and playing," said Woodson. "I don't know if I am looking forward to playing against ‘A-Rod', but it'll be fun to go back in that stadium. It's been awhile since I've been on the visitor side going back there. There are still a lot of great friends of mine back in that area. So, it'll be great to go in and line up out there in front of the Green Bay fans."

CJ Wilson and James Jones were both drafted by the Packers and have never played a regular season game for any other team but the Packers. Woodson spent seven seasons there after his first stint with the Raiders and prior to last season.

The Packers had a lot of success during the years those three were in Green Bay, including all three being part of their 2010 Super Bowl team and posting double digit wins in four-straight seasons from 2009-12. They return as part of a team built with players like them, from a winning program, hoping they'll bring that winning attitude with them.

Now they return to face their former teammates in the place they once called home and claimed the ultimate prize. And they might just have a little extra motivation to show their old team they made a mistake in letting them get away.