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Raiders bust JaMarcus Russell appears in Dish Network Commercial

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Perhaps it seemed like it was only a matter of time before colossal bust top number one overall pick Jamarcus Russell was on TV. That day has arrived. He is in a new commercial for Dish Network along with former Raiders quarterback and fellow top pick bust, Matt Leinart.

Also in the commercial is former Tennessee quarterback and third overall pick, Heath Shuler, and Brian "The Boz" Bosworth who, aside from his blonde mullet and B-rated actoin flicks, is probably most famous for being a bug on Bo Jackson's windshield:

The commercial starts with Leinart, Bosworth, and Heath Shuler watching college football along with an actor and the Dish kangaroo "Hopper". Then Russell walks out and fist bumps Leinart while the actor says "Whoa, JRock! (then to Hopper under his breath) That's Jamarcus Russell, be cool" to which Hopper says "Yeah, I know. I'm calm."

Bosworth gets in Russell's face, saying "We're going back to college!" to which Russell responds "What? Don't play with me."

Hopper tells everyone to be quiet and focus because "We're watching Dish Network, it's like we're back in college."

This puts the USC Heisman winning quarterback Leinart in a state of nostalgia. "Glory, back in our hands."

Then the LSU Sugar Bowl eating champion Russell sends it home with the button "College, baby, that's more like it."

Leinart, Bosworth, and Shuler had already appeared in a Dish commercial for college football.

They were brought back for this latest commercial so it's entirely possible this isn't the last we see of Jamarcus Russell in this campaign either.

Prior to this, the last we saw of Russell was during his supposed comeback attempt in which he lost a bunch of weight and was working with Jeff Garcia to try and get back in the NFL. Then he got his $3 million settlement check from the Raiders and he took the money and ran. Actually, judging by his Grimace figure in the commercial, "run" is probably not the right choice of words.