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Hall of Fame Ceremony Open Thread: Celebrate Ray Guy and his fellow classmen

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

23 years. Some of you reading this were not even born yet 23 years ago, but that was the first year of Ray Guy's eligibility for the NFL Hall of Fame. That long wait is officially over as he celebrates his entrance into those great halls today.

The action can be seen on ESPN 2 at 7pm ET/4pm PT if you wish to watch the Hall of Fame Ceremony. Every year there is a speech that has everybody talking, it will be interesting who is the bearer of that crown in this year's ceremony.

Legendary coach John Madden will be introducing his Super Bowl winning Punter from those great years under his tutelage. Ray Guy not only changed the way the position was played with his booming punts with incredible hang time, but he also is the very first punter to be elected into the Hall of Fame. A long awaited, much deserved honor.

Fellow inductees in this year's class with Ray Guy are former Seahawks offensive lineman Walter Jones, Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, Cardinals safety Aenaes Williams, Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks, Bills wide receiver Andre Reed and fellow senior representative Claude Humphrey.

Chat here with all your fellow Raiders fans as we celebrate this great moment in history for Ray Guy and all of the other great players that are getting their moments today too!