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Know the Enemy Daily Links 8/20: NFL wants to charge Super Bowl halftime performers

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"It ain't about the money, money"......Oh wait, yeah it is!

Jamie Squire

AFC West


Hochman: Peyton Manning "knows he's in the fourth quarter" - The Denver Post

The Manning family is a little busy. Even Archie, new knee and all, is still running around, on boards for the Sugar Bowl and the new college football playoffs, while also running a restaurant and a football camp.

Here we go again. The Broncos have moved into a tie for first with the defending champion Seattle Seahawks as favorites to win the Super Bowl.

He has two of the surest hands in NFL history, but only now does Antonio Gates fully grasp what his little sister meant to him.

A recap of off-season tweets and Instagram posts from Charger players signifies their love for San Diego and their fans.

Former Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel will be back at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday with the Minnesota Vikings for a preseason game. How do you think he will be received? Vote in our poll.

Nick Jacobs is a producer at Time Warner Cable SportsChannel. His 53-man roster prediction for the Chiefs is here.


The Super Bowl is pro football's biggest stage. It's also the most-viewed annual American sporting event. In recognition of this, the NFL has asked some of the musical acts under consideration to play at next year's big game to pay the league to take the stage, according to a published report.

The Minnesota Vikings and former punter Chris Kluwe said Tuesday they reached a settlement averting a lawsuit over Kluwe’s claim that the team wrongfully released him last year because of his outspoken support for same-sex marriage rights.