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Raiders vs Packers preview: Live blog chat with Acme Packing Company

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Um... alright
Um... alright
Jonathan Daniel

The Raiders are about to "pack up" and head to Green Bay for their third preseason game. They will hit the field at Lambeau Friday night where the starters will play their most extended minutes of the preseason. It's also the first week the Raiders have approached a game as they would in the regular season, so it's the best indication of what we can expect from the Raiders come the regular season.

The Raiders first team has not looked good over the first two games against the Vikings and Lions. The defense especially has been less than satisfactory, allowing Matt Cassel and Matt Stafford to easily walk down the field and score.

The Raiders own Matt (Schaub) has not had the same success.

The Packers' quarterback Matt (Flynn) is the backup who will probably see the field against the Raiders other Matt (McGloin) late in the game. It's Aaron Rodgers who will strike fear in the Raiders in this one.

For this week's preview, trying something a little different. Instead of just doing a preview from my perspective, myself and Evan "Tex" Western from SB Nation Packers blog Acme Packing Company are just going to have an open, live conversation. This conversation will be ongoing over the next few hours so you can leave and come back to follow along and if you have any questions you would like to have asked, toss it in the comment box and it might just get asked.

Here is the live transcript of the conversation as it currently stands:

Keep checking back to see how the conversation unfolds.