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Raiders vs Packers second half open thread

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Just as the Raiders had done in their first two preseason games against the Vikings and Lions, they gave up an easy touchdown on the opening drive. The big play came via connection between Aaron Rodgers to his Cal namesake Richard Rodgers. Then a few Eddie Lacy runs later and the Packers were in the endzone. They added insult to injury with a successful two-point conversion to go up 8-0. The drive was seven plays in just over three minutes.

The Raiders offense got started well with two completions from Matt Schaub to James Jones. Then on third and two from the 40-yard line, Maurice Jones-Drew breaks a tackle and takes it the distance for the score. It was the best the first team offense has looked all preseason. Raiders pull it to 8-7.

Things didn't go so well for the Raiders after that. After the two teams exchanged punts for a bit the Packers got back on track. The Raiders did not.

The Packers scored touchdowns on both of their first two second quarter drives. On both drives, they again easily marched through the Raiders defense, relatively without contest. The Packers offensive line was manhandling the Raiders defensive line and the Raiders' linebackers were missing tackles.

Adding injury to insult was Sio Moore was taken off the field on a stretcher after a blow to the head.

After another failed Raiders drive, the Packers decided Aaron Rodgers' day was done with three touchdown drives. Enter Matt Flynn.

After an initial stop by the Raiders defense, Matt Schaub would be sacked on the ensuring possession and fumble the ball.

The Packers possession didn't last long though - one play actually -- as Khalil Mack stepped in front of a Matt Flynn screen pass to pick it off and give the Raiders the ball right back. The Raiders were unable to capitalize on it and the two teams headed into the locker room with the Packers leading 22-7.

Matt Schaub looks terrible. No velocity on his passes, causing many of them to be defended. He's gone 11 for 22 for 61 yards and had the fumble.