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Raiders Sio Moore taken off on stretcher with neck injury vs Packers

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John Konstantaras

In the second quarter of the Raiders preseason game Friday night against the Packers, Sio Moore suffered a blow to the head. Packers full back came from the side to lay a block on a run play and hit Moore on the side of his helmet, knocking him to the ground.

Moore laid on the turf in pain and did not get up. The training staff came out to attend to him and called for a stretcher. He was then taken off the field on a flat board, giving a thumbs up to the crowd, though he was wincing in pain along the way.

The Raiders later said it is a neck injury that Moore suffered. That is not good news by itself, though the thumbs up he gave is very good news.

Shortly after Moore left the game, middle linebacker Nick Roach and cornerback Tarell Brown also left with head injuries.

The Raiders later said Moore has been taken to an area hospital for further observation. Roach and Brown have officially been ruled as having concussions.

UPDATE: X-rays on Moore's neck were negative and he returned to join his team at Lambeau. Officially being called a neck strain.