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Kory Sheets hopes of making Raiders roster ends with Achilles injury

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders running back hopeful and reigning CFL Grey Cup MVP had hoped to finally make his first NFL team this year, but those hopes were dashed in an instant in the Raiders loss to the Packers Friday night. Sheets took a hard, blindside hit that laid him out on the turf and popped the ball loose.

In the collision, his leg was twisted and he suffered a torn Achilles, the Raiders announced. Shortly afterward, Sheets himself announced his hopes for making the Raiders roster this season are over.

After saying he is out for the year, he thanked both the Raiders fans as well as his fans from the Saskatchewan Roughriders (RiderNation) for their support.

It's a tough break for Sheets who was in a good battle with Latavius Murray at both running back and kick returner. This is the second time he has seen his hopes of making an NFL team end in the preseason with an injury. He was lost to an Achilles injury in preseason with the Dolphins prior to the 2011 season as well.