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Raiders roster cuts 2014: Seven players released

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Levi Damien

The Raiders have announced the first wave of waived players. Those players are as follows:

Auffray, Kyle TE 6-5 254 1 New Hampshire
Cleary, Emmett T 6-7 324 1 Boston College
Cole, Justin LB 6-3 240 4 San Jose State
Davis, Mike WR 6-0 189 R Texas
Troup, Torell DT 6-3 320 4 UCF
Vaughn, Rahsaan WR 6-1 190 1 Oregon
Watson, Jansen CB 5-9 177 R Iowa State

This brings the Raiders roster down to 83 players as they head into their first practice following Friday's game in Green Bay. The team now has until Tuesday, August 26, to cut eight additional players to get down to the mandatory 75 player limit.