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Matt Schaub elbow soreness "not concern", still in line to start season opener

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With Schaub still not practicing, the questions surrounding his status as the starter for the opener have been heating up. With both Dennis Allen and Matt Schaub speaking today, they had the chance to try and put some speculation to rest.

Both Allen and Schaub said several times that they are not concerned about the injury, while Dennis Allen insisted the soreness in Schaub's elbow is different than what Matt Flynn had last preseason which caused him to lose his starting job heading into the season.

"I don't look at those two situations as the same." Said Allen.

Though Allen says Schaub came to them last Saturday, the day after the team's third preseason game in Green Bay, Schaub says the soreness began a couple weeks ago.

"It's been something that's been around and we're just managing it and taking care of it," said Schaub. "It just got to a point that we need to just figure out what is really happening and just take care of it."

"It's lingered a little bit, but it's come up. We've been dealing with it and it's just something we want to take care of and get out of the way now before the start of the season."

Schaub went on to say this is the first time he has experienced soreness like this in the preseason and despite criticisms about his arm strength, the soreness didn't adversely affect him.

Whatever the situation, it is expected that Schaub will be out all this week and is unlikely to play in the preseason finale.

"We want to get [Derek Carr] an opportunity," said Allen. "Obviously, missing the Green Bay game was... that's part of the developmental process. We want to be able to see him get in there and play so I plan on seeing a lot of snaps out of Derek."

After the final preseason game, the team will be back at practice preparing for the season opener. That's when Schaub is expected to return and be ready when the Raiders open the season in New York against the Jets on September 7.