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Matt Schaub alerted coaches during camp that his arm was "tired"

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

At 33-years-old and coming off easily his worst season as a pro, there are a lot of concerns about whether Matt Schaub can ever return to the Pro Bowl former he once had. Those concerns were raised even further this week when he was not practicing with soreness in his elbow. Raiders offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, said today that Schaub came to coaches a couple weeks ago with his concerns.

"It really came to my attention here after the game," said Olson. "[Schaub] had mentioned to Flip I guess previously that it just felt tired is all, so he had given him some individual time off in Napa. It had been lingering a little bit and it flared up or what have you in the game, so we just decided to take some precautionary measures and let him rest it here."

Schaub has sat out of practice all this week and only today began some light throwing on the side with trainers. Dennis Allen has confirmed Schaub will not be playing in the game Thursday when the Raiders face the Seaahawks in the preseason finale in Oakland.

Allen and Schaub said Monday that they weren't concerned with his elbow. But there is still some uncertainty on Olson's part as to what caused Schaub's arm to tire and the soreness to flare up. His hope is that it is just the regular rigors of training camp.

"I don't know, I'm not a doctor but I'd like to believe that was probably it," said Olson. "I think that's common throughout football, really. . . you try to get through and manage that as best you can and you're hopeful that the player is honest in his evaluation of where he's at as to when he gets tired or gets sore. I think he mentioned it -- getting some time off -- he felt like it was getting better but then it flared up I guess throughout the game."

It is concerning considering Schaub said himself that he didn't get with his receivers until a week before camp which means in a matter of about three weeks time, he was already complaining of his arm being tired. The season hasn't even started yet and he won't get much time off over the next 18 weeks.