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Raiders injury update: David Ausberry expected back this week, Matt Schaub status uncertain

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Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Midway through training camp David Ausberry had a procedure done on his knee. At the time, he was out for an indefinite period of time. His status just got a lot more definite.

"Our expectation is that [David Ausberry] will be ready to practice on Monday." Dennis Allen said in his Friday conference call.

Just last week he began working out with trainers on the side and at that time Dennis Allen said he was making progress. But that alone was not any indication he would be back soon. After all, D.J. Hayden was also working on the side, and days later he was placed on regular season PUP list; lost for the first six weeks.

As it turns out, Ausberry was indeed making progress.

Also making quick progress is Sio Moore who just a week ago today was being carried off the field on a stretcher after a vicious blow to the side of his head. He returned to practice last week but was held out of the game Thursday night. Allen said he expects him to be full go this week.

"[Sio Moore] was kind of a game-time decision [vs the Seahawks]." said Allen. "I just didn't feel comfortable that mentally he was really ready to go after taking the blow to the neck in the Green Bay game. It was really my decision to hold him out."

Signs point to him being ready to go for the season opener in New York September 7.

The status of Matt Schaub is still uncertain. Dennis Allen said he will know Monday when the team returns to practice whether Schaub's arm is better and if he's ready to go.

"I think the biggest thing is I want to be able to check on Matt [Schaub] and see where Matt is health-wise," Said Allen. "Like I said, he was making some progress last week, threw on the side with the trainers. I feel like he'll be ready to go, but I think we need to see how he's doing Monday when he gets in here."

Allen said he didn't speak with Schaub today because Schaub was not at the facility while dealing with a "personal issue."

Initially Chimdi Chekwa and Taiwan Jones were thought to be ready by this week and available for the opener as well. But now their prognosis is not as certain.

"That hasn't been determined yet," Allen said of the availability of Chekwa and Jones. "I'm hopeful that both of them will be able to go. I don't know whether that's going to be Monday or at some point during the week. Those are two that I think we've got to see where they're at Monday when they come back."

Sebastian Janikowski is expected back this week as well, with Dennis Allen saying a couple times "He'll be fine"

"I expect him to be able to go (for the season opener), and I visited with ‘Sea-Bass' before the game last night. He is feeling a lot better. I think really that was a little bit more of a precautionary thing last night."

Matt McCants and Nick Roach were both suffering from concussions and should return this week as well.

So, it looks like aside from D.J. Hayden on PUP, the Raiders seem to have escaped training camp and preseason pretty healthy.