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Raiders former fifth round pick Jack Crawford says he's been cut

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Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

The first of the many final cuts to the roster has come to light. The Raiders' 2012 fifth round pick, Jack Crawford tweeted today that he'd been cut. Saying on his Instagram account:

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders for giving me the opportunity to play for one of the most historic franchises in the world. Unfortunately that chapter has come to an end. Wish the best for all my teammates I went to battle with and will always have a place in my heart for the #RaiderNation for giving two of the best years of my life. #RN4L

While jumping back and forth from defensive end to tackle, Crawford appeared in 19 games over two seasons in Oakland, compiling 8 total tackles.

His release is especially sad news for for the England native as the Raiders will be playing in London week four.

Crawford becomes the second 2012 draft pick to be released in the past few days. Fellow fifth round pick, Juron Criner, was released in the first round of cuts to get down to the mandatory 75 players.

That was the new regime's first draft. And with Crawford and Criner gone, that leaves just two of six picks from that draft still on the roster. The others are Miles Burris and Tony Bergstrom. Burris' roster spot appears safe but it is entirely possible Bergstrom -- the team's top pick that year (third round) -- could also be out. He is sitting squarely on the bubble.

Stay tune. The cuts will be announced tomorrow. The deadline is 1:00pm Pacific Time.