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Raiders starters stumble in start to preseason

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Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Every football fan awaits the first game of the preseason as the first time in some seven months they get to see their team play. For Raiders fans, that wait was met with an all too familiar disappointment.

The Raiders didn't even get the first snap off before things began falling apart. Menelik Watson called for a false start on the first play attempt to begin at first and 15. Then it was two incompletions to Andre Holmes from Matt Schaub and a three and out to begin the game.

With Matt Cassel behind center, the Vikings were in Raiders territory quickly after two completions to Cordarelle Patterson both times getting the better of Tarell Brown. Then it was a broken coverage by the Raiders to leave Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph wide open. He caught the ball at the one yard line and they scored on the next play with a run up the middle.

Then the Raiders came out and went three and out again. They were once again set back by a penalty when Brian Leonhardt was called for a facemask that wiped out a Maurice Jones-Drew 6-yard run.

Vikings got the ball back and marched right down the field again. The Raiders appeared for an instant to finally have them stopped on third down when Chimdi Chekwa batted down a pass, but Tarell Brown was called for a holding on Cordarelle Patterson to keep the drive alive.

The Raiders first team defense left before the second drive was over and the second team defense immediately had a couple nice stops - both by seventh round rookies. TJ Carrie had a stop for a short gain and then Shelby Harris got in the backfield to strip sack Bridgewater. The Vikings recovered and kicked a field goal to go up 10-0.

The Raiders got their first first down on Darren McFadden's first carry just prior to the end of the first quarter. It went right up the middle for 23 yards. The defense didn't force the Vikings first punt until 12:20 left in the second quarter.

Matt Schaub went just 3 for 7 for 21 yards in the game