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Raiders vs Texans fantasy start, sit, sleepers

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Last week, I was fairly accurate in my fantasy start, sit, sleepers. My sit Maurice Jones-Drew only had 3.3 points while sleepers Geno Smith and Derek Carr totaled 13.64 and 13.94 points.

This week, the Raiders take on the Texans in Oakland Coliseum for their home opener. Which players should you start, sit or pick up on you fantasy teams?


Texans defense

The Texans defense put up 24 points against a Redskins offense featuring RGIII, DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon and Alfred Morris. Breaking news, the Raiders don't have any offense weapons even close to as talented as any one of those players. While the Texans defensive line lost Antonio Smith and Jadeveon Clowney (torn meniscus), they still have the best defensive player in the NFL in J.J. Watt. The master of swat will line up against a struggling Khalif Barnes and should dominate the veteran tackle.

The Raiders could not establish a running game against the Jets formidable defensive line. Expect the same results with J.J. Watt and Brian Cushing leading the Houston defense. But if the Raiders can contain Watt and Cushing, the Texans become very vulnerable in the passing game because of their weak secondary.

Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins

The Raiders do not have anyone that can cover Andre Johnson. He is a matchup nightmare with his size and talent. While he is getting older, so is the Raiders secondary. He is a safe bet to score over 13 points this week.

On the other side is Hopkins who showed his potential last week with 14.9 points. Expect him to meet that target again this week because Johnson takes away the number one cornerback leaving either Carlos Rogers or T.J. Carrie to cover the playmaker.

Arian Foster

Last week, Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory combined for over 31 points against the Raiders defense. Foster is much better than both of them. Johnson and Hopkins will prevent the Raiders from stacking the box which should lead to some nice gains on the ground for the former star.


Raiders defense

They are going to be torn up by the Texans on Sunday. Andre Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins and Arian Foster are all tough matchups. The Texans defense should allow the offense to have plenty of drives in good field position which will result in offensive points. If the Raiders secondary struggled to stop the Jets, they are in for a long game against the talented Texans offense.

Maurice Jones-Drew

Until the Raiders prove they can establish a rushing attack, MJD will stay on this list. Add in a tough Texans defense and Jones-Drew projects to play poorly, if he even plays at all. MJD missed both the Wednesday and Thursday practices with a hand injury and is doubtful to suit up this Sunday.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

While he is by no means elite, his weapons are. Combine that with the Raiders paltry secondary and Fitzpatrick could have a big day. He is projected over 16 points and I would not be surprised if he surpasses that. It comes down to matchups, and Fitzpatrick has many favorable ones.

Rod Streater

Even if Derek Carr receives lots of pressure from the Texans defense, he won't every play. When he doesn't, the rookie's cannon makes him a dangerous weapon. Streater proved himself as Carr's top target last week against the Jets. There could be more big plays this week if the Raiders offensive line can buckle down and give Carr some time.

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