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Dennis Allen: Derek Carr not "your typical rookie quarterback"

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Most every rookie quarterback who is given the starting job from day one struggles. Derek Carr is no different. Or is he? Dennis Allen seems to think Carr is different.

"I don't think Derek what I would call your typical rookie quarterback," said Allen Thursday. "I think his development, his maturity, his intelligence level, kind of leads us to be able to just function in the offense just like normal. So, I don't think we've had to pull back the reins or anything like that with Derek as the quarterback. And he needs guys to step up around him and make some plays."

Dennis Allen and offensive coordinator, Greg Olson have both raved about the rookie quarterback showing up to camp knowing the playbook and being ahead of the curve.

Being ahead of the game undoubtedly comes from his brother David having entered the NFL when Derek was 12-years-old. He was raised studying the NFL game from the quarterback perspective.

There wasn't much evidence in the opener of his being "not your typical rookie quarterback" when facing the Jets blitz-happy defense and throwing for just over four yards per attempt.

"He'll get better," said offensive coordinator, Greg Olson. "I thought he did a really good job in a hostile environment in New York with a very well-coached defense by Rex Ryan. I came out of there feeling good about his overall performance. Certainly there's some things he could have done better and he'll get better at those things. But overall, for him to go into that first game I thought he did some good things."

Olson cited many different issues in Carr's first start, including the crowd noise causing Carr to not be able to hear the play call, forcing him to call his own play. But there were many other issues which even the non-typical rookie must work through.

"Some of the protection issues, really," said Olson. "Seeing the field, understanding blitz patterns, which he's miles ahead of most kids coming out, so he's done some very good things."

We'll see this week if he shakes off some of those rookie issues against the Texans Sunday.