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Thursday night football Ravens vs Steelers game time

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Chat here with Raiders fans during Thursday Night Football between the Ravens and Steelers.

Look at this douchebag wearing a Ray Rice jersey to the game tonight
Look at this douchebag wearing a Ray Rice jersey to the game tonight
Patrick Smith

It's Thursday so football's starting for week two of the season. Tonight features the Ravens and Steelers. Two division rivals who are looking for some respect this season after falling down a bit of late.

The Steelers pulled out a late win over the Browns in the opener and the Ravens fell to the Bengals.

Both of these teams have done plenty to earn the ire of Raiders fans. The Steelers for their bitter rivalry in the 70s and the Ravens for that Tony Siragusa belly flop on Rich Gannon in the playoffs in 2000 that knocked him out of the game and the Raiders out of the playoffs. The Ravens went on to win the Super Bowl.

Both teams have had their share of run-ins with the law and mistreatment of women. Ben Roethlisberger had a couple of instances in which he was accused of sexual assault and of course Ray Rice who is at the heart of the current major controversy surrounding him knocking out his fiance in a hotel elevator and the league mishandling the whole thing with epic proportions. Now Roger Goodell is being caught in a big lie and a cover-up.

Anyway, Rice was released by the Ravens and suspended so his former team moves on without him.

Fun times. Enjoy the football game!